Males and females are about the same height, and males are only marginally heavier than females. Wood Elf Names. Add the Drow sub race in the official players handbook! After resting in this way, you gain the same benefit that a human does from 8 hours of sleep. Then, you can add one of the 100 wood elf surnames to the end of the elf’s first name for a creative, unique option. All exhibited a characteristic best described as golden flecks speckled through the iris. So much so, inequality isn’t even contemplated. Arhain: Strange that they don't have Elven Weapon profiencies like other elves do. By default, the list starts with gender-neutral Elf names, but by changing the Name Grouping you can also find the Female Elf Name Generator and the Male Elf Name Generator. Elves also enjoy exercising their martial prowess or gaining greater magical power, and adventuring allows them to do so. PHB is not free. Does the season shift affect their appearance? You can speak, read, and write Common and Elvish. Wood Elf Name Formula Examples. Looking forward to playing an Eladrin! Not drastically at least. Drow grow up believing that surface-dwelling races are inferior, worthless except as slaves. A soldier, a Captain, a traitor, a pirate. In the world of the Forgotten Realms, Drizzt Do’Urden, ranger of the North, has proven his quality as a good-hearted defender of the weak and innocent. N00b here lol and probably way over my head, but can anyone tell me where I can find more specific info on all the 7 Elf subraces? Aragorn. Elladan – Means an elf man. Don't worry about two names sharing the same meaning or having two definitions for one name. But then you look at what they have accomplished, and you have to appreciate their achievements. See also Selu'Kiira. Ancient divides among the elven people resulted in three main subraces: high elves, wood elves, and dark elves, who are commonly called drow. Did you enjoy this guide? Your email address will not be published. Since they are so long-lived, they can enjoy centuries of exploration and discovery. Were it not for one renowned exception, the race of drow would be universally reviled. As for the other question, this site will display information based on the books you own on dndbeyond. You can replace all the proficiencies granted by the Elf Weapon Training trait to another proficiency of your choice. On declaring adulthood, an elf selects an adult name, although those who knew him or her as a youngster might continue to use the child name. [CDATA[ An elf typically claims adulthood and an adult name around the age of 100 and can live to be 750 years old. They favor elegant clothing in bright colors, and they enjoy simple yet lovely jewelry. To most, they are a race of demon-worshiping marauders dwelling in the subterranean depths of the Underdark, emerging only on the blackest nights to pillage and slaughter the surface dwellers they despise. They excel at archery, while magic comes naturally to them. PHB is not part of the Basic Rules. Asur: The Eternal Flame, Symbol of Rebirth and Lordship. Elf name generator - Dungeons & Dragons . //param[str](optional) css selector(s) to ignore Closely related to Old English, Old Norse is a North Germanic language once used by Germanic tribes in Northern Europe. Aerin is a cool Elvish name that comes from the Tolkien language. The optimal result is what is always strived for. First of all, there are a lot of novels peppered with Drow names. 1 Pronunciations 1.1 Consonants 1.2 Vowels 2 A 3 B 4 C 5 D 6 E 7 F 8 G 9 L 10 M 11 N 12 O 13 P 14 Q 15 S 16 T 17 U 18 V 19 References C - Always has the value of K, never of S; thus Celeborn is 'keleborn, not 'seleborn'. Instead, they meditate deeply, remaining semiconscious, for 4 hours a day. For generating Dnd Elf Names simply scroll down and click on the Get Male Names, Get Female Names Button to randomly generate 10 Dnd Elf Names. Male Elf Names With meaning Argo: It creates a happy, adaptable and expressive nature with the good business decision and a fine sense of responsibility. “All that haste, their ambition and drive to accomplish something before their brief lives pass away—human endeavors seem so futile sometimes. Ess (esti) = elves/elven Evar = flute Fel (afel/feel) = lake Hal (ahal/ihal) = pale/subtle Har (ihar/uhar) = wisdom/wise Hel (ahel/ihel) = sadness/tears Ian/ianna (ia/ii/ion) = lord/lady Iat = fire Ik = might/mighty Il (iel/ila/lie) = gift/giver Im = duty In (inar/ine) = … Archery, sword-fighting, magic. "forsaken (used as a derisive term by surface elves to refer to Drow)" ivaebhin "boy filled with brightness" K [edit | edit source] kerym "blade" (as in blade made of steel) or "sword". Feel free to use all of the names that this elf name generator provides. Yet one drow, at least, broke the mold. They don't really change appearance, I think. The D&D name generators let you choose between many topics and races, such as: Humans; Elves; Half-Elves; Dwarves; Orcs; Gnomes They are more slender than humans, weighing only 100 to 145 pounds. As a high elf, you have a keen mind and a mastery of at least the basics of magic. Accustomed to twilit forests and the night sky, you have superior vision in dark and dim conditions. 100 Male Wood Elf Names. A well-respected wizard, she is the Head of the Abjuration Ward at the Ikrix Magic Academy. Elves love freedom, variety, and self-expression, so they lean strongly toward the gentler aspects of chaos. It’s been two weeks and he is still on the run, with orcs not far behind. “You are not worthy of even asking that, wretch” – an ever-melodic voice said. The 7 are: I understand it that it's up to the player and/or DM to determine if there is a visible change. Below are several names for elves that you might want to consider for your fantasy story. 15% off all books! It is one of the cool elf names. "(...) are distinctly eladrin in appearance: very slender, with hair and skin color determined by the season with which they feel the closest affinity. They are slow to make friends and enemies, and even slower to forget them. See our hand-picked name suggestions & short stories ! They have been known to retreat from intrusions into their woodland homes, confident that they can simply wait the invaders out. Stories & Writings. Dwarves. In many of the worlds of D&D, there are two kinds of high elves. You can’t discern color in darkness, only shades of gray. Frodo – Means a wise one. 200 Female Elf Names. As the name suggests, half-elves are half elf and half human. Kirthol Erdel the Thunder Peaks mountain range. Elves encountered outside their own lands are commonly traveling minstrels, artists, or sages. Gildor – Means a person who brings joy and happiness. Choose an ability score to increase by 1, instead of the previously granted intelligence score increase. Meaning: Aul'El: That Which Cannot be Known or Comprehended. Intelligence is your spellcasting ability for it. November 14, 2017. They often have hair of silver-white, black, or blue, but various shades of blond, brown, and red are not uncommon. It's in the PHB. Elves’ coloration encompasses the normal human range and also includes skin in shades of copper, bronze, and almost bluish-white, hair of green or blue, and eyes like pools of liquid gold or silver. The Elven Dictionary. well they aren't of the martial plain the eladrin might not have been exposed enough to the weapons and shadar-kai developed an independent culture due to being bound to the shadowfell, //