In most FPGA products, the standard multiplier size is 18 × 18, rather than the 16 × 16 size used in DSP processors. Polyphase filter decomposition is useful when imple-menting decimation or interpolation. N-Channel Polyphase Decomposition Figure 11.9: Schematic illustration of three interleaved polyphase signal components. 11.9 . varying systems). OPEN MATLAB 6. Requirements Matlab 2007 later Procedure 5. In signal processing, a polyphase matrix is a matrix whose elements are filter masks.It represents a filter bank as it is used in sub-band coders alias discrete wavelet transforms.. The concept of multilevel polyphase Polyphase decomposition in the frequency domain 2.1. 42, NO. Fundamentals of Multirate DSP 2 2.1 Sampling Rate Conversion 2 2.2 Decimation 3 2.3 Interpolation 4 2.4 Noble Identities 4 2.5 Polyphase Decimation 5 2.6 Polyphase Interpolation 6 3. derived by applying a polyphase decomposition to their corresponding transfer functions. tions of multirate DSP are indicated, in digital audio sys- tems, in subband coding, and in voice privacy systems. This is sufficient for the majority of applications. 2. DSP Σ∆ADCs • Commercial DSPsaren’tdesigned to handle 1-bit input samples at oversampled data rates – A 400Mip DSP only executes 133 instructions per 3MHz sample – In 2001, the 32X32b multiply-accumulate cost is 5¢/Mip*, independent of the number of active bits/word • DSPsaredesigned to handle 16+ bit wide data In most of these applications, very high quality sample rate converter is required. Among The input data at low rate